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For both Chillers & Mold Temperature Controllers With Corrosion Inhibitors to Protect Equipment

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Why Inhibited, Undiluted Ethylene Glycol?

  • It is better than uninhibited, which becomes acidic and very corrosive during use.
  • It is better than automotive antifreeze, which also becomes acidic and corrosive in use.
  • In addition, automotive antifreeze must be agitated as it would be in a car. If not, its silica-based inhibitors form a gel that prevents heat transfer.
  • You don’t pay for added water.

What proportion should I use?

For best heat transfer, use the least needed for the temperatures you need to achieve. Use a minimum of 30% for corrosion resistance.

Quantity Discount

Temperature % Ethylene Glycol in Water
-5 to +220 F 30
-34 to +225 F 50
-50 to +250 F 80

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1 Gallon Ethylene Glycol Un- Diluted W/Corrosion Inhibitors

EG1Ethylene Glycol, Mold Care Products$25.00
ethylene-glycol mold-care-products

5 Gal Pail Ethylene Glycol Un- Diluted W/Corrosion Inhibitor

EG5Ethylene Glycol, Mold Care Products$106.00
ethylene-glycol mold-care-products

55 Gallon Ethylene Glycol Un- Diluted W/Corrosion Inhibitors

EG55Ethylene Glycol, Mold Care Products$675.00
ethylene-glycol mold-care-products

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