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An American-Made Waterless Hand Cleaner that promises to work as hard as you do.

WATERLESSK-Gard is used without water, ideal for peopleworking outdoors or in plant away from sinks.

REMOVESOil, Grease, Paint, Tar, Ink, Adhesives, Graphics, Anti-freeze, PVC Glue, Pipe Dope & more.

HIGHLY CONCENTRATEDJust a small amount works so efficiently it provides you more value for your money.

MOISTURIZESThe unique formula contains lanolin to moisturize and heal dry, cracked skin.

RESILIENTRemains effective in sub-zero temperatures, perfect for storage in vehicles.


Original K-Gard Waterless Industrial Hand Cleaner provides a combination of properties that has remained unique for over 50 years. Our patented formula will tackle the toughest jobs while working to heal and moisturize the skin.


1 Gallon Original K-GARD Hand Cleaner with Pump Dispenser

1-138PDHand Cleaner, Mold Care Products$24.99
hand-cleaner mold-care-products

1/2 Gallon Original K-GARD Hand Cleaner with Pump Dispenser

1-145PDHand Cleaner, Mold Care Products$15.49
hand-cleaner mold-care-products

12 Oz Bottle Original K-Gard Hand CLEANER

1R-146Hand Cleaner, Mold Care Products$5.99
hand-cleaner mold-care-products

2 Oz Bottle Original K-Gard Hand Cleaner

1-102Hand Cleaner$2.79
hand-cleaner mold-care-products

4 Oz Original K-GARD Hand Cleaner

1-104Hand Cleaner, Mold Care Products$3.99
hand-cleaner mold-care-products

Gallon Jug Wallmount

1-130Hand Cleaner, Mold Care Products, Mold Cleaners$6.99
hand-cleaner mold-care-products mold-cleaners

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