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for all Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, and Chrome Plated Mold Surfaces, etc.

MOLDERS CHOICE Polishes have the following benefits:

  • Clean stubborn mold stains FAST.
  • Safely remove burn deposits, while protecting finely polished surfaces.
  • Easy to use squeeze bottle – just hand rub with soft rag or with buffing wheel.
  • Perfect for flame-retardant gas deposits.
  • Remove oxidation, tarnish and rust, dirt and acid deposits.
  • Handy 8 oz. Squeeze bottle


For all semi – and highly polished aluminum alloy mold surfaces.


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Aluminum Mold Polish, 8-oz

LAP8100Mold Care Products, Mold Polish$6.85
mold-care-products mold-polish

Aluminum Mold Polish, 2 oz

LAP8100-2Mold Care Products, Mold Polish$0.10
mold-care-products mold-polish

Steel Mold Polish, 8 oz

LSP8000Mold Care Products, Mold Polish$7.05
mold-care-products mold-polish

Steel Mold Polish Liquid, 2-oz Sample Bottle

LSP8000-2Mold Care Products, Mold Polish$0.10
mold-care-products mold-polish

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