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SAVE on Cartridge Heater cost and downtime.
Replace your antiquated cartridge-heated nozzles with

MOLDERS CHOICE Coil-Heated Nozzles
Three-piece design features durable extended-life coil heater with Built-In Type-J Thermocouple

When ordering please advise: Machine make, Thread size, Rear opening, Heater Voltage, Type “J” or “K” thermocouple, Radius & Orifice (if nozzle tip ordered)
*Length may vary depending on thread size *Voltages also available in 120& 480V and Type J or K Thermocouple
Available in numerous thread sizes for most injection machines.
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Coil Heater 240 Volt 1400 Watt For Internally Heated Body

CHN12240Coil Heated Nozzles, Nozzles and Accessories$250.00
coil-heated-nozzle nozzles-and-accessories

Coil Heater 240 Volt 500 Watts For 5 Internally Heated Body

CHN5240Coil Heated Nozzles, Nozzles and Accessories$155.00
coil-heated-nozzle nozzles-and-accessories

Coil Heater 240 Volt 900 Watts For 7 Internally Heated Body

CHN7240Coil Heated Nozzles, Nozzles and Accessories$175.00
coil-heated-nozzle nozzles-and-accessories

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