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Keeps nozzle plastic off of your Heater Bands and Barrel Insulation, Prolongs heater life

Most nozzle bands fail prematurely because drooling plastic shorts them out. It happens all the time. You lose money by losing machine time, by buying bands and by tying up your maintenance guy. With a Drool Guard, your nozzle bands stay clean. You can afford to buy good bands – and leave them on for years.

  • Plastic-proof fiber fabric discs
  • Withstands temperatures over 1700º F (1000ºC)
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Removable and Reusable

ID O.D. 1-4 5 or more
 3/4″  5-1/2″ $8.50  $8.00
ID O.D. 1-4 5 or more
 1″  7-1/2″ $12.00  $11.00

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5-1/2″ Od Nozzle Drool Guard

DG55Nozzle Drool Guard, Nozzles and Accessories$8.50
nozzle-drool-guard nozzles-and-accessories

7-1/2″ Od Nozzle Drool Guard

DG75Nozzle Drool Guard, Nozzles and Accessories$12.00
nozzle-drool-guard nozzles-and-accessories

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