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How it works:

The thermocouple assembly mounts easily on your nozzle using a simple clamp (can be mounted directly on top of a heater band or on the nozzle body of an internally heated nozzle). The thermocouple plugs into a convenient receptacle at the side of control box. Set control approximately 100 to 150°F below nozzle zone temperature. If leaking plastic comes in contact with the thermocouple, the audible alarm will sound and the alarm light will illuminate. Premium Model NLD100-CDR with relay and convenient receptacles for input and output. Can be interfaced to your machine control-panel alarm circuit or wired directly to the purge guard circuit to stop injection immediately.

Detects Drool caused by:

  • Misaligned nozzle
  • Cracked tip
  • Plugged gates
  • Whatever reason!

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3″ Thermocouple Only For Nozzle Leak Detector

NLT3Nozzle Leak Detector, Nozzles and Accessories$48.00
nozzle-leak-detector nozzles-and-accessories

6″ Thermocouple Only For Nozzle Leak Detector

NLT6Nozzle Leak Detector, Nozzles and Accessories$50.00
nozzle-leak-detector nozzles-and-accessories

9″ Thermocouple Only For Nozzle Leak Detector

NLT9Nozzle Leak Detector, Nozzles and Accessories$52.00
nozzle-leak-detector nozzles-and-accessories

9″ Thermocouple,W/Mt Bracket With 72″ Ss Armored Leads

NLT9-MB72Nozzle Leak Detector, Nozzles and Accessories$106.00
nozzle-leak-detector nozzles-and-accessories

Nozzle Leak Detector With Alarm & Relay Machine Interface

NLD100-CDRNozzle Leak Detector, Nozzles and Accessories$465.00
nozzle-leak-detector nozzles-and-accessories

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